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A Little About Geraldine


Geraldine began her hypnosis training through The Hypnosis Training Company in 2007. She then went on and became a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Coach through the National Guild of Hypnotist in 2008.


She has had spiritual abilities since she came into this life just as yours came in with you. People use to utilize her abilities when Geraldine was younger and unaware. She has traveled down some not so nice roads within this life time growing and learning; not sure why at the time but always feeling that someone special on my shoulder.


Lessons continued for her until one day she started to say, "No More!" It was then that she remembered a reading with someone, she was told that until she released the pain and hurt and walk away from the abuse I was living in she would not be able to tap into her gifts fully so that she could assist others on her journey.


Geraldine understood what this reader meant but was not ready to hear at that time. It took a few more years before that inner strength would start her back on her journey of  taking her life back.


God, Spirit, Buddha whoever you connect to it does not matter. You have a purpose because you are, just as Geraldine is here with her purpose which is to assist others on their path. Sometimes her clients may not be ready to move on but somewhere in the recess's for their  inner mind they are ready to hear just as she was so long ago. She had tucked those words from that women a file for a bit longer. They were there ready to come out when Geraldine was ready to choose and recreate. Yes, as you can see by reading this she pulled that file out and chose to move on from things that did not serve her.


 Geraldine hopes that she may be of service to you in the same way with healing words of love from Spirit



 The Following Story is Geraldine's Sylvia Browne Moment


An opportunity to go and see Sylvia Browne was presented to me. And for reasons I rather not divulge I fought tooth and nail going. I tried selling my ticket and at one point was willing to give it away; it was a losing battle. In the end I gave in and went.        

When you go in they give you wrist bands with numbers on them in case you’re called to ask Sylvia a question. I remember thinking yeah right; not me. Anyway off I went with the person I went with and we sat down and go comfy. First Collette Baron Reed came out and there I was with everyone else thinking pick me, pick me! And then when she didn’t I sank back down inside and waited and said just not meant to be today. I think back now and think how silly of me (out of love).

Next came Sylvia Brown and Oh, how I admire her. I remembered while sitting there listening to her I looked up and it had to be at least 10 feet above her there was this light misty cloud floating for a few seconds then it disappeared. I thought, Wow that was so cool!

Then it was time for numbers to be called and one by one people lined up to ask their one question. Next thing I know my number was called. OMG! Me. Now I was left with the task what in the hell am I going to ask her. I went blank and only two words kept popping in my head as I walked to that line. Career or Finances? Next thing I know I’m standing with a microphone in my face and I look up and there she is looking down at me from the stage. All of a sudden words popped out of my mouth – Career, what should I be doing? All the while somewhere in the back of my mind there’s that little voice of doubt saying, “What are you crazy?” From all of the things to ask, you asked that? Good grief...

Well she looked down at me and said and I quote, "Spiritual, Spiritualist, Healing, Holistic Healing, Hypnotist."  Well if that does not beat all! I was on the right path. I was so excited and blessed to have the opportunity to connect with Sylvia Browne in this life time.

The moral of this story, "Stop doubting yourself" and “trust in your intuition" and never listen to that naysayer voice of doubt from you or anyone else, it will always lead you down the wrong path especially on those days when things seem to be not so right. That's when you need to trust the most for somewhere there is a bigger picture and you are part of it. Even if you cannot see it, believe me, it's there...



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